Labor law is defined by the set of legal rules that are established in the relationship between workers and employers. It is a series of public and legal order mandates, based on the premise of ensuring those who work, full development as a person and real integration into society, thus ensuring compliance with the obligations of both parties.

Our specialists are willing to provide you with frequent advice on labor matters, integrating the rest of the specialties that may be involved, advising you on issues regarding labor relations, contractual conditions, social security and other issues that arise daily.

We represent both companies and workers, maintaining permanent contact in order to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

our services
  • Special labor relations
  • Wage claim
  • Claim for settlements
  • Work-life balance policy
  • Disability benefits
  • Workplace harassment policies
  • Modification in working conditions
  • Unemployment and retirement
  • Prevention of occupational risks

We fight to protect your legal rights under the law.