General law

General law

General law comprises a set of fundamental principles and rules that constitute the regulatory basis of various legal branches. Its purpose is to establish general guidelines for the functioning of society and the relationships between individuals, entities and the State.

General law covers a series of interconnected areas, such as civil, criminal, labor, commercial, administrative and other law. These areas, although specialized, find their foundation in the general principles that make up general law.

Within the scope of general law, there are essential concepts such as justice, equality before the law, the protection of fundamental human rights, legal certainty and legality. These principles act as fundamental pillars that guide the creation, application and interpretation of laws.

In addition, general law includes transversal aspects that affect all legal areas, such as the interpretation of norms, legal procedures, jurisprudence and ethics in the practice of law. These components contribute to coherence and uniformity in the application of laws in various contexts.

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