Criminal law

Criminal law

Criminal law is a branch of the legal system that deals with crimes and punishments. Its fundamental purpose is to maintain social order and promote justice. To do this, it establishes rules that define what behaviors are considered crimes and what sanctions are imposed on those who commit them. Criminal law seeks to attribute individual responsibility and apply sanctions proportional to the seriousness of crimes, with the aim of protecting society and preventing the commission of new criminal acts.

The criminal system is made up of various elements, such as criminal legislation that defines crimes and penalties, the criminal process that establishes the guarantees and procedures for trying offenders, and the institutions in charge of applying the law, such as courts and security forces. In addition to penalties, criminal law contemplates security measures such as preventive detention or conditional release, with the purpose of guaranteeing public safety and the rehabilitation of offenders.

Criminal law is governed by fundamental principles, among which the principle of legality stands out, which establishes that no one can be punished for an act that is not previously classified as a crime in the law. Likewise, the principle of guilt applies, which requires proving the responsibility of the perpetrator and his intention to commit the crime. These principles seek to guarantee a fair and equitable system, where the rights of the accused are respected and any form of arbitrariness in the application of criminal justice is avoided.

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