International law

International law

International law is a set of norms and principles that regulate relations between States and other international entities. Its main objective is to maintain peace, promote cooperation and regulate interactions between international actors.

International law covers various areas, such as diplomatic law, treaty law, humanitarian law, law of the sea, environmental law, among others. These norms and principles are agreed upon and accepted by States through treaties, conventions and customary practices, and are applied in a binding manner at the international level.

International law establishes rules on the sovereignty of States, territorial limits, the protection of human rights, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, the responsibility of States and other issues of international interest. In addition, it regulates the creation and operation of international organizations, such as the United Nations, and establishes mechanisms to resolve disputes and violations of international norms.

In short, international law is a set of rules and principles that govern relations between States and other international entities. It aims to maintain peace, promote cooperation and regulate interactions in areas such as diplomacy, treaties, human rights and the environment. These norms are accepted and binding for States, and their compliance contributes to stability and order in the international community.

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