Commercial law

Commercial law

Commercial and Corporate Law is the set of rules belonging to Private Law in the legal system, which regulates those acts carried out by businessmen in the exercise of their activity, with the purpose of meeting the needs and impositions of economic traffic and its individuals. .

Our Commercial Law department provides comprehensive advice in this area to all types of commercial companies in the development of all its stages: From the constitution of the company, protecting its rights and considering the most convenient legal form for the interests of the client, advising them throughout their business development in corporate and commercial matters, and, if applicable, ensuring that the completion of the business is carried out in the most beneficial way.

Within this area we can also highlight other specialties such as Company Law, Competition Law, Industrial and Intellectual Property Law, Financial Market Law and Exchange Law.

our services
  • Preparation of legal reports
  • Drafting commercial contracts
  • Claims for non-payments
  • Claims to insurance companies
  • Constitutions of commercial companies
  • Commercial and corporate legal advice
  • Legal assistance
  • We offer ongoing advice to legal entities and professionals

We fight to protect your legal rights under the law.